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Filtering Messages into folders in Mail.app

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Hey Guys I wonder if anyone can help me.


I get a ton of email each day from Amazon, eBay and Paypal for my job and would like a workflow so I can just press on F Key to file emails to a folder.



Kind Regards,
Chris Humphreys
Head Of Online + R&D



Sorry it took a bit to get back to you. The post kinda got lost in the weeds when I was going through them all.  Anyway, something like this could probably be done but its going to take a little bit of AppleScript to achieve it. The only way that I can think of right off to do this is to mimic selecting the Message menu item, choosing Move To, and it picking a folder using Applescript.

tell application "Mail"
	set selectedMessages to selection
	set theMessage to item 1 of selectedMessages
	tell application "System Events"
		tell process "Mail"
			click menu item "Saved" of menu "Move To" of menu item "Move To" of menu "Message" of menu bar 1
		end tell
	end tell
end tell


This kind of a start of what I came up with. It only moves 1 selected message to a specified folder. This code will... activate Mail (if it isn't already), grab the list of all selected messages, take the first one, and then move it to a folder called "Saved". This would be the same thing as selecting that message and then clicking.. Message->Move To->Saved, or right clicking and doing the same thing. This code could be slightly modified to loop through all messages. You would have to code in your own folder as well.

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