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How to search files in Easyfind

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Thank you guys! With the great Alfred 3, I can open webpage, mailbox, search internet and do translate work in a smooth and quick way.  

Here is one function I would like to request - I only use Easyfind to search files on my mac.

It would be very helpful if I type some words in Alfred and then showed a shortcut in fallback results which reads "Search on Easyfind". When clicked, it will run Easyfind and do search the search work.

Sorry that I know only little about Workflow, but is there any possibility that it could be done with Alfred?


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@linlishuo Welcome to the forum :)


There are a few results for various tools called EasyFind online, so it would help if you could provide a link to it, so that we're definitely looking at the same tool. Fellow users can then help you work out whether there's a way to pass the search to EasyFind or not.



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@an_User To get started, you'd need to find out whether EasyFind has AppleScript support, and whether there's a way to pass the information from Alfred to it.  If it's possible to communicate with EasyFind, then you can take it from there. 


Hopefully some fellow EasyFind users on the forum will be able to lend a hand. :)



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