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Lost macro: insert dashes for spaces in filename


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Hi and good day,


After a Clean Install of the Mac I’m now searching “for my lost macro” = a pearl:



It allows the user to step-by-step insert a dash “ - “ at every space in the filename.


(Rename filename - ENTER, then clicking on the filename).



See here:




I use it holding down SH - ALT - CMD and " - ", it automatically finds the next space, and I press the " - " again, it's very intuitiv.



This macro is not in my Alfred list of macros, but I still can use it on the SUperduper-CLONE.



Maybe someone on the forum knows/ uses this macro and can tell me at least where to look on the clone-HD.


Nothing on the net - for manual insert.



with best regards,

Omar KN

Stockholm, Sweden

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2 hours ago, OmarKN said:

can tell me at least where to look on the clone-HD


Depends on whether you sync or not. If not, all your stuff is in ~/Library/Application Support/Alfred 3/Alfred.alfredpreferences

If you do sync, it's wherever your sync folder is.

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