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[SOLVED] Running a one-line zsh command in Alfred

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I am trying to create a workflow that would display a random line from a .txt file.


In other other words, use the shuf command to pick a line and display it with a "Large type" object. 


My problem is I can't find a way to run the command "shuf -n 1 ~/Downloads/NameOfMyFile.txt".


I tried to use a "Run script object" wit no luck.


Here is the link to the workflow https://www.dropbox.com/s/0io9515ijeepixt/00_One_Line_Picker.alfredworkflow?dl=0


Thank you.

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@AndrewThanks for your fast answer !


This is what my script looks like.


shuf -n 1 ~/Downloads/One_Liner_Harvey.txt


And it still doesn't work.


I just do not understand how to use this object.

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