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Ejectall command Quits the Alfred App [Fixed 3.8.1 b961]


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I am currently using a 2016 MacBook pro 15inch retina with touchbar running OSX10.14.3 and the Alfred App Version 3.8 build 959. 


I typically use the eject all command at the end of the day to eject several attached HD's before taking my laptop home for the night.  When I enter the command it ejects all the drive I need to eject and it also quits the Alfred app as well so that I have to either navigate to the applications folder or use the built in mac search to restart the app.  This has been constantly happening for 3 weeks now where it used to work just fine.  I have tried shutting down and restarting my computer several times, as well as clearing the application cache and rebuilding the MacOS MetaData.  When that did not work, I uninstalled the App and erased all the preference files I had and then reinstalled the app and it is still doing the same problem.  Hopefully I missed something easy and you all can help me.  If I can provide any other details please let me know. 

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23 hours ago, Andrew said:

it's to do with a change in the way eject errors are being dealt with


Any chance Alfred will say "blah is using the device" when eject fails?


Whenever it fails, I have to go to the terminal and use umount instead, as it tells you which program is blocking unmounting.

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@deanishe The error which is returned to Alfred after the NSWorkspace call only goes as far as Error Domain=NSOSStatusErrorDomain Code=-47 "fBsyErr: File is busy (delete)".


With a quick look, I can't see anything obvious to get more info within the API, but I'll make a note to look into this when I get a bit more time.

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I've had a play in, umm, a Playground, and FileManager.unmountVolume gives you an error that contains the PID of the process blocking the unmount.


Finder appears to do some additional jiggery-pokery to find the parent process (it says "iTerm2" is using the volume, but I'm getting the PID for zsh), but that's over my head.


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@deanishe hmmm I seem to remember there was a reason I used the NSWorkspace method instead of NSFileManager one, but can't find anything in my notes. It may have been a legacy thing... To be honest, until you said that, I had forgotten that NSFileManager even had an unmount method!


I'll have a bit of a dig :)


Edit: Aha... that method is newer than I thought, macOS 10.11+, so it's more tricky to include as Alfred 3 supports older versions than this.




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  • Andrew changed the title to Ejectall command Quits the Alfred App [Fixed 3.8.1 b961]

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