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TV Show Information Workflow — via TVRage

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Hi Everyone,


I've been working on putting together a TV show information workflow that will get you information about the TV show that you are searching for. I have it currently setup for two different options of handling it. This workflow shows you the Show Name, Show Status (Returning, On the Bubble/TBD, or Cancelled), and (depending on the status) air time, air day, and network or number of seasons it ran for on what network. See github for the most recent version, code, and configuration options.


To switch between 12-hour time and 24-hour time, use the keyword:





These will switch whether the script displays 12 or 24 hour time.


Current Version: 1.0





Option 1:

  • Use the 'tv' keyword in the Alfred prompt to begin the workflow, then type the name of the TV show that you would like to search for and it will return the information about that show to you in the window. Pressing "Return" on the keyboard will open TVRage to the show's page.

Option 2:

  • Use a hotkey of your choice to pass your current text selection to the workflow and begin the search as above.


Known issues that I am working on or that I am looking to add:

  • TV Episode search (so you can find information about specific episodes) — BETA
  • 12 hour time version (currently, time is displayed in 24-hour time)
  • Fix "seasons" on cancelled shows to correctly match singular or plural numbers
  • Add easier timezone support.
  • Add Alleyoop Suport


Download here:



Github can be seen here:



Please let me know if you have any questions, comments, suggestions, etc. I hope you like it!

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Hey everyone, 

I've gotten a version of this to work for TV Episode searches. It's a little slow currently, but if you are interested I can post it while I work to speed things up. It functions like:


Keyword: tvep



Let me know if you want it now and I can upload it for you.


EDIT: I updated the workflow to version 0.12. This update includes:

  • Beta episode search. Just add the keyword you would like to use.
  • Removed extraneous files not necessary for the functioning of the workflow
  • Removed unnecessary variables for less memory usage. 

EDIT: Update to version 0.13 for 12-hour time.

EDIT: Update to version 0.14 for easy configuration of 12/24-hour time.

EDIT: Update to version 0.15 for reduced workflow size and memory usage. Switched config file from PHP to JSON for easy reading, changing, etc.

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Hi @Domenic,


I got that too last night and I think it has something to do with TV Rage. I'm working on a fix that'll timeout and let you know that it's on there end. 

Also, just updated it to 0.20 so that you don't have to enter the timezone info anymore! It's working for me now, and I'll be working on getting that error in regards to TV Rage up for you. 

Sorry about the inconvenience!

EDIT: Also, if for any reason you want to use an earlier version, you can download them from my github:




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I think it's a TV Rage issue as I can't get it to speed up whether used on a normal PHP website or in the app. I'm looking at adding the next episode time. I hadn't heard of Alleyoop but can implement it if you're interested. Just will take me a day or so to get everything ready

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@300DDR — Alleyoop Support has been added.


After looking into it also, TVRage doesn't offer when the next episode will air (that I can find) at least. I'll see if another service would be better to get that information or if I'm just missing it.

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Unfortunately your "download here" link in the first post isn't working at the moment. 

Fixed. Sorry about that!



I thought it was doing that correctly, sorry about that. I'll double check and get on that for you. If it's not there currently, shouldn't be too hard to add for you :)

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