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Allow auto-expansion in password field as an option

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Hey team,


I understand the security design decision behind that doesn't allow perform auto-expansion in the password-type field. However, in my use cases, I do need to type in lots of passwords.

So why not just open it as an option to let users to decide whether to auto-expand in password field or not?


Thanks in advance!

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Welcome @laonawuli,


It’s not that Alfred won’t, it’s that Alfred can’t. Nor can any other app, for that matter. This is a security feature from macOS. Apps that watch keystrokes can’t watch them when you’re in a secure input field, so apps can’t steal your passwords (barring bugs in macOS).


If you’re saving your passwords in such a way that they can be expanded by snippets, you’re exposing yourself. Password should be secure and not viewable by anyone with access to your system. Consider using a password manager instead (Dashlane, 1Password), the right tool for the job.

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