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Please disable "Command + ,"

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Why take over "Command + ,"? It is used for virtually every app on Mac for settings. It is super annoying to have to find where to disable this key binding.

I suggest you not ship future versions of Alfred with this key binding turned on. Thanks!

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Welcome @geo,


You issue isn’t clear. Are you claiming that Alfred is taking over ⌘, (command and comma) for every app? It does not. Like any well-behaved macOS app (which Alfred is), it uses that shortcut to show it’s own preferences, and does not interfere with other apps.


Make sure you download the latest Alfred version 3 from https://www.alfredapp.com/, not Alfred 1 from the Mac App Store (that is an unsupported version).


If that doesn’t solve the issue, then the cause lies somewhere else on your machine, and Alfred alone is not the cause.

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For what it's worth, Alfred 1.2 in the App Store also doesn't take over Cmd + comma, and only uses it to show its own preferences when the Alfred search window is visible. :)


Check whether you've set Cmd + , to be used by a workflow or another feature where you can customise the hotkey combo. 


You can always backup your preferences, then reset them, if you're not sure what you've done:




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8 hours ago, Vero said:

For what it's worth, Alfred 1.2 in the App Store also doesn't take over Cmd + comma


Yes, I should’ve made it clear that it never did that on purpose (or at all). I suggested it only as a point of “maybe the older version with conjunction with the newest macOS and this user’s configuration produces some kind of bug”.

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