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Looking for simple "save image as" workflow

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I'm new here; I did scour the forums and also PacMax for help but couldn't find what I'm looking for. Alfred is doing some amazing things as far as within the OS but I'm looking for some very basic workflows that can interact within the browser.


I've tried this extensively with Mac Automator but got nowhere. I am NOT asking anyone to build any workflows for me because I want to learn and customize it myself. I'm just asking for some similar templates or point me in the direction where I can start. Here's what I'm looking to do...


  1. Center my mouse cursor on a browser window.
  2. Right-click, "save image as".
  3. Save to a certain folder (continue with overwriting if need be, do not warn me).


I feel that maybe this is so simple that it's not talked about or maybe I'm missing something really obvious here.

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19 hours ago, kizzler said:

I feel that maybe this is so simple


It is not. GUI automation is hard and error prone. It should be avoided and is only used as a last resort.


Crucially, this is an XY problem: you’re describing the solution you envisioned instead of the problem you have. Tell us what you want to accomplish, not how. The latter is something we’ll figure out together. We’ll need some example pages, as well as what images you want to download, to see if we can find a pattern.

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