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Date-snippets bananas

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Hello friendly Alfreders!

I saw a similar thing reported as a bug, but as this was similar but not exactly the same, I thought I'd start by asking for help. Any advice is greatly appreciated!

I'm using Alfred v 3.8 [959] on MacOS High Sierra, 10.13.6 with English as 1st and swedish as 2nd language.


1. My datesnippets, usually consisting of things like this: %Y-%m-%d, %H:%M they aren't translated to 2019-03-12, 11:43 anymore, the expanded text is %Y-%m-%d. I can only seem to expand things like {datetime:medium}. So I learn that I need to go into the system-preferences, great. I know that this probably isn't your dilemma but I ask anyway:

Where does this "at" come from? Howcome I can remove it from datetime-short by adding a comma ( , ) but it won't make a difference for the others?

I have tried this in textmate, iA writer and Firefox 65.0.1 (64-bit).

datetime: 2019-03-12,  at 11:48
datetime-long: 20190312 at 11:48:29 CET
datetime-medium: 2019-03-12,  at 11:48

(And of course when I then open the preferences again, the comma is gone from short-format and not from the others. Still works as above. I have so many words for apple right now, none of them are nice.)


2. If I write xmn I should get November but the three times I have tried this, something different happens in Firefox 65.0.1 (64-bit):

- November replaces everything I had written before that.

- Nothing happens at all.

- Cursor skips to the start of the document and expands November there.


Nothing in my snippet seems to say that this should happen, any suggestion as to what can be causing this?


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