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Quick Question About v1 --> v2 Migration

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Hey all,


I'm a Powerpack user with v.2.0.1 running on my Retina Macbook Pro (OS X 10.8.3).

Quick question --> where's the migration tool to transfer custom searches (etc.) from v1 to v2 located? I can't seem to find it anywhere in Alfred preferences.


Here's a shot of my 'General' menu: http://db.tt/vDNGz2UK



Zach Kahn

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Alfred will only show this button if you have Alfred v1 preferences to import, which are primarily stored in




If Alfred can't find this file, he hides the button

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Okay, I have this settings-file and the button is visible.


But all my Custom-Searches are not available in v2 after importing them.


What to do?


This will usually import your custom searches into v2, so there may be a permissions problem on your Mac. 


If you set another preference in Alfred v2, quit then re-launch, is it remembered? We believe there may be an issue with symlinking for a small number of users, which we're resolving in the next release (2.0.2), which we hope to roll out tomorrow, so you might wish to use v1 until tomorrow where this should be fixed :)

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