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How to disable command+option+minus (-)

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hello, id like to disable the shortcut command+option+minus (-) because I don't use it at all and I need that shortcut for a different thing. I can't find anywhere in the Alfred app tho disable it. This shortcut opens the users folder (I don't even know what it is necesario for)

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@rjsierra This particular hotkey combination is not a default Alfred combo, so you'll have set it in one of the following places:


  • In a Workflow: You can view all your workflow hotkeys by clicking the cog in the workflows sidebar and choosing "Show hotkeys"
  • In Features > File Search > Navigation
  • In Features > File Search > Actions

You can either change them or highlight them and press backspace to remove the hotkey combination altogether.



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Hello, thanks for the quick reply. Already look in the workflows to see if there was ant hotkey enable but there wasn't. Im sending a screenshots with all the workflows and their hotkeys. I look in the file search navigation and action but there is not hotkey with this shortcut, Im sending a screenshot of this two as well. Im also sending the screenshot of what I get when I press command+option+(-).


Sorry, I could attach more than one pic, the screenshot that apear when I trigger the shortcut I want to delete. Hope you can help.




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Posted (edited)

@rjsierra Which keyboard layout are you using? I've just checked and the Spanish ISO and Portuguese keyboards have - in the same place as / on an English keyboard.

When you say "CMD+OPT+-", do you mean "CMD+OPT+the key left of the right SHIFT key"? That would explain the issue. Especially if you swap keyboard layouts.

If that is the case, look for the shortcut "CMD+OPT+/" in Alfred Preferences. Most likely Alfred Preferences > Features > File Search > Actions.

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Thanks for the quick responde, this was the solution. Thanks a lot. Since youve been so quick answering ill probably be back when I have another question

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1 hour ago, rjsierra said:

Since youve been so quick answering ill probably be back when I have another question


Lol. The reward for a job well done is more work… 🙂

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