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register tel:// protocol handler to an Alfred workflow?

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hey Alfred gurus!


I've got a workflow that I use frequently to initiate calls via my Polycom desk phone. It's super handy but I'd like to go a step further and be able to use it for clickable tel:// links found on webpages etc. I think what I need is to register a "protocol handler" for this. I assume it would be something like


  1. make a small AppleScript that calls the Alfred workflow with the parameter
  2. register that App as the protocol handler for tel:// URIs


I think I can probably handle step 1 but I'm not sure how to handle part 2.


Anyone done anything like this?

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@deanishe Simply brilliant! I had to muck around a bit but you got me started in the right direction and I eventually nailed it. Thank you so much


Is anyone interested in the solution? I can post it if yes.

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