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Cardhop with Command-o to view contacts - not working

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Hi - I use Alfred to view contacts, which is very quick. But the Command-o feature only opens the CONTACTS app, whereas I would like it to open the Carhop app to edit the contact...


In Afred preferences, I have entered 


x -cardhop://show?id={uid}


In the URL Handler (Alfred Preferences > Contacts > Advanced) - but this does NOT work (see Encl screenshot)


Any ideas what I am doing wrong?



Screenshot 2019-04-05 at 06.16.39  5-04-19.png

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From your screenshot it seems to be ok, but if you copy+pasted the string from Alfred to your post above when you say: 

19 hours ago, garethmcclay said:

In Afred preferences, I have entered 


x -cardhop://show?id={uid}


then we can see there's a space after the "x" at "x -cardhop..." that shouldn't be there... So please try by removing this space if it's there or by copy pasting this: x-cardhop://show?id={uid}


I hope this helps!

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Posted (edited)

At last it's now working, there were 2 issues...


1) There was a space - so many thanks for noticing that & replying


2) But when I removed the space (which was not visible in Alfreds text box, only by using the arrow keys did I notice the space), it did not fix the issue when removed as


3) There was a whole bunch of non-visible text to the right of  x-cardhop://show?id={uid} from previous attempts I had made to paste in the URL Handler, I could only delete these, by arrowing to the right multiple times & deleting that text - I found many references to BusyContacts which I had attempted (years ago) & gave up to open - now I understand what the problem was. My suggestion to Alfred developers is to make this text box bigger, with 2 lines & perhaps use a FONT that makes a SPACE obvious - that way I would have seen what the issue was...


Thanks again GuiB for replying,

Edited by garethmcclay

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