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I'd like to present my second crumby workflow:


Toggl Time Tracking v0.6


So far it is a WIP but has the following features:


Set your API token like so



Start a new timer (also ends previous timer):




Continue and old timer:


tgl timers


Stop The current running timer [Any timer started from any client!]


tgl stop



I have also added a hot key to quick set the text to the current text selection.


Features to come:


  • Possibly set Workspace, project, or task as well as tags

Any and all suggestions are welcome.  (Even the "you suck"s, its refreshing to hear anything)




Fixed some bugs.  Times were displaying wrong.  Dont need to stop previous timer manually.  Toggle API Takes care of it.




Rewritten with a script filter and removed some unnecessary bloat.




Added previous timer support



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Quite nice workflow, i'll be keeping and eye on those future features as they would replace my use of the native app.


Previous tasks and projects search would be awesome, if not possible, the option for searching the tasks of the last few days and be able to continue one of those would also be really handy.

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To those using the app I propose a question. 


I plan on adding a script filter for viewing time entries, setting a default project, setting a default workspace, stopping a time that is start.  To do so I will have to modify the syntax.  That said Id like to keep starting a timer as simple as possible.  Would it be sufficient to have syntax such as:



tgl start Time Entry

tgl stop

tgl timers

tgl projects

tgl tasks

tgl workspaces

tgl token <TOKEN>


If I did it this way it would be extremely flexible but the start action would be more work if typing.  The script would still contain a hotkey for those that wanted instant access to functions like tgl start and tgl stop.


The other option is to change the start keyword to something else such as 


  • t
  • ts
  • tgs
  • strt
  • tgl-start


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well, i like both options, being used so frequently, i guess the short keywords allow for a faster process.



I think im going to do both.  Im going to have the script filter with tgl start Text but also just ts Text so I can add the hot key to that.

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This is awesome!!, thanks. 

Quick question, the command for continue a previous task, would it be possible to order the suggestions according to their age, with latest tasks first?



Would also be really nice if when resuming older tasks their tags and projects would be the same as the original task.


Both good suggestions.  Ill add the top one for sure when I get the chance.  Gotta figure out a way to inject tags and projects into the script.  Im thinking I might parse hashtags at the end of a timer into tags.  That would make carrying them over easier.  As for the projects still not sure what I want to do about that.

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Liking this workflow, but it really would be nice to add project support.

Something like

toggl+ #project blah blah blah

Right now I've changed how I use toggle to accommodate this workflow:

toggl+ project_initials - blah blah blah

and then not really using projects, just going of the project initials. It's not a huge deal for me, but actually using toggl's features would be cool

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