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Amandeep Jawa

How do I get lowercase AND clipboard offset in a snippet

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Hi -


I'm trying to make a simple snippet to use things from my clipboard, BUT I also want it to make the items from my clipboard lowercase.  Can this be done?


This works:

scp root@{clipboard:1}:{clipboard:0} ~/Downloads


This is what i WANT:

scp root@{clipboard:lowercase,1}:{clipboard:0} ~/Downloads


thanks in advance....



.ps I checked out the docs here, but it didn't have a way to do it:


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Hi @Amandeep Jawa, Welcome to the forum :)


This isn't currently possible, so for now, you'll need to use a workflow for this:

  • Connect your Snippet Trigger (or keyword) to an Arg & Var Utility to put the clipboard content into variables
  • Connect it to a Run Script action, where the variables you've created will be available as environment variables, so you can construct the string you want
  • Use a Copy to Clipboard Output, with "Automatically paste to frontmost app" selected to paste it like a snippet

It's worth noting that transform syntax is coming to the clipboard placeholders in the future, but for now, it takes a little more work. If you need any further help, just post your workflow and we'll help you out.



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