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Evernote adds line break when content is pasted as plain text [Bug accepted by Evernote]

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This feature was broken a few weeks/months ago, sorry I don't noted exactly when.


Steps to reproduce:

Just copy (cmd+C) a simple expression like "2*2" without the quotes, from inside any note in the Evernote application.

Hit cmd+space to open alfred

Paste (cmd+V)

Expected result: Alfred should show "2*2" and the result, which is 4

Obtained result: Alfred is confused and shows nothing, nor 2*2 nor 4



- only happens when copying from Evernote, copying from any other app works as expected

- happens with any text actually, not only calculus expressions. Even copying a single letter "a".


Things I tried:

- disabling BetterTouchTool, did not help.

- rebooting, did not help.

- trying cmd+shit+V to paste, did not help.



-MacOS 10.14.4

-Alfred 3.8.1 961

-Evernote 7.9





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Edited subject line as previous one was misleading the issue
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  • Copying from Evernote to any other app than Alfred works.
  • Copying from any other app than Evernote to Alfred works.
  • Copying from Evernote to another app, then copy it from that other app to Alfred works.

I made some progress and found out this:

  • type "2*2" in Evernote, without the quotes, select and copy it
  • open Alfred (cmd+space) then paste (cmd+v)
  • immediately hit backspace => Alfred shows "2*2" correctly, but not the result yet
  • cmd+A cmd+X cmd+V => ok now Alfred shows both 2*2 and the result 4

It seems like Evernote adds a "new line" special character somehow at the end of any text you copy from it, and Alfred is really confused by it. And no, I did not select a new line character in Evernote, the bug is still there when I select text strictly inside of a line.


The workaround above works, but so many key presses is really annoying, it should just work. I hope we figure out a bugfix.

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@vermeer Testing by simply copying "2*2" with no new line from Evernote, then pasting into a new, plain text TextEdit window adds a new line as well. 


It's worth noting that there's a difference between the content pasted from Evernote as plain text and as rich text; The rich text version saved to the macOS pasteboard doesn't include a new line, while the plain text one does, which is a bug in Evernote, should you be bothered to report it. This happens no matter what content you copy; Just try copying any other text from Evernote and pasting it to a plain text window vs a rich text window.


When pasting into Alfred's search window, Alfred doesn't process the text in any way to give the most predictable results, as you may want to process the multi-line input with a workflow or use it as-is. It just so happens that Evernote adds unnecessary new lines to the content you copied in the plain text version.


Edited to add: This is a *relatively* new bug in Evernote; On an older macOS version, I'm running Evernote 7.2.3 (July 2018 build), the last version supported on El Capitan, and this bug doesn't exist.




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1 hour ago, vermeer said:

No need to tell me 😉

You should better tell frankysea haha


:D I did look to see if there's a forum member of the same name, so I could tell him not to do such a daft thing. But he's not a member…


Just in case he googles himself, I'll use this opportunity to say DON'T KEEP YOUR PASSWORDS IN EVERNOTE, FRANKYSEA, YOU PLONKER!

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  • Andrew changed the title to Pasting a simple calculus expression into Alfred from Evernote

FTR got the following answer from support for my ticket #2822847:




Please know that we're aware of the issue and we're planning to release a fix on a future version.

Here's a workaround for this issue: Paste into TextEdit first, copy again in TextEdit, then paste into your destination app.



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