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Change Default App for filetype

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Default App uses duti to change assigned apps. 

You need to install duti first before you execute the Alfred Workflow


brew install duti




dapp ext


1. ext you can type any extension, the workflow will ask for confirmation to change the assigned app
2. Choose one of the Apps to assign the extension to.


Download on Git



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7 hours ago, xilopaint said:

Why don't you use a Script Filter for the second step?


Because it was too late yesterday. 😂


Version 1.0 is now available and ported to Python 🤗


I hope there is no new bug 🤨 ... let me know how it goes...

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4 minutes ago, deanishe said:

Where did you get Alfred.py from? That's some really old-school looking code.


Thanks 😢

I created for my own once I started with Python&Alfred. Since it does the Job I never touched it...even if I am not sure if I ever can write high-polished code 😕


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19 minutes ago, Acidham said:

Thanks 😢


I didn't say, and certainly didn't mean, "bad".


I just asked because of the old-style classes. I think most Python programmers these days don't even know they exist.


There's absolutely nothing wrong with the code. The style is just kinda old-school (old-style classes, camelCase).

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Just now, deanishe said:

I just asked because of the old-style classes. I think most Python programmers these days don't even know they exist.


😳 really? can you point me to newer-style format or at least what old-style is in my class? Now you made me curious ;) 


...and, no worries, every feedback is welcome hand helps...thx for that!

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25 minutes ago, Acidham said:

can you point me to newer-style format or at least what old-style is in my class?


New-style classes inherit from object, e.g. class Item(object):. I don't remember what difference it actually makes (other than Python 3 doesn't support old-style classes), just that in about 2002 they said "you should use new-style classes from now on." Here are the technical details.


Similarly, PEP 8, the official Python style guide came out in 2001 and said that we should all use PascalCase for class names and snake_case for everything else. So you tend to only see camelCase in very old code (like plistlib.readPlist from the standard library, or the Twisted library, which has also been around forever).

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Ok got it, but this is mostly based coincidences. 


For class Item(object) I did not saw the need therefore I ignored it :D


I started with snake_case but then I felt a bit lost aka I was not able to see the differences between variables and methods so I switch to PascalCase. But now I am on the way to switch to snake_case. Furthermore PyCharm always notified me about my old style 😕


Thank you for your pointers! I made now the decision to take care of the new_style in the future!

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  • 4 years later...

py3.sh is checking for the latest version of python3. You can easily comment that out for time being in the workflow steps:


# ./py3.sh ext.py "$1"
python3 ext.py "$1"


Can you also send me the python3 version you are using?

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  • 5 months later...

I used This so nice workflow for months, but now it doesn't work in My MacBook pro (m1pro, Sonoma os). Any help, please?
This is the debug report:

[19:47:30.080] Default App[Script Filter] Processing complete
[19:47:30.085] Default App[Script Filter] Passing output 'PDF Studio Viewer 2023' to Arg and Vars
[19:47:30.087] Default App[Arg and Vars] Processing complete
[19:47:30.088] Default App[Arg and Vars] Passing output 'PDF Studio Viewer 2023=.pdf' to Run Script
[19:47:30.246] ERROR: Default App[Run Script] Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/Users/farisal-mawwashi/Library/Application Support/Alfred/Alfred.alfredpreferences/workflows/user.workflow.60FD7BEC-4973-4B4C-A1F1-6638DA93FADC/change.py", line 37, in <module>
    resp = duti(app_id, ext)
  File "/Users/farisal-mawwashi/Library/Application Support/Alfred/Alfred.alfredpreferences/workflows/user.workflow.60FD7BEC-4973-4B4C-A1F1-6638DA93FADC/change.py", line 28, in duti
    resp = os.system(f"{d_path} -s " + appid + " " + ext + " all")
ValueError: embedded null byte
[19:47:30.260] Default App[Run Script] Processing complete
[19:47:30.261] Default App[Run Script] Passing output '' to Debug
[19:47:30.262] Default App[Debug] '', {
  ext = ".pdf"
[19:47:30.264] Default App[Debug] Processing complete
[19:47:30.265] Default App[Debug] Passing output '' to Post Notification

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