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Do Not Disturb, Limited

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I've incorporated @paulw snippet to hopefully support Big Sur and previous releases. I can only test on Catalina currently, so if anyone on Big Sur would try out v0.1.3 I would really appreciate it! Let me know how it works out.


@paulw While it might work to make mods to that plist file to do the enable/disable, I assume it'd be roughly equivalent to modifying the similar plist file in Catalina and before. That means we'd need to kill the Notification Center process to force a re-read of the preference. However, the indicator would be out of sync, which is why I opted for the keyboard shortcut method, even though that requires more manual setup.

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You have a typo in your code: big_sur_dnd_prefs (plural) is defined, but then the singular big_sur_dnd_pref is used.

Edit: But it works when I manually edit the typo!

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@paulw Nice catch!... Always good to see collaborative work.


I tested too (not thoroughly) and had mixed results. Tried twice in a row and second time didn't work (turned on dnd but didn't turn off after desired minutes). On second try the 'disable' part never ran. Maybe I didn't give it enough time because of the mentioned delay, if I try to replicate while typing slowly = it works.

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Excited to try this out... and wondering if I might submit a feature request to match the slash commands that Slack offers (which allows you to specify a time to pause and resume notifications, among a few other niceties)?



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1 hour ago, jmueller said:

This one seems to work, even though it's capability is limited to toggling on and off. 


And showing the current state. I’ve been considering for a while to add support for timed disable, but I want to do it by properly editing the right files (like the rest of the Workflow works) so it doesn’t clash with manual use.


Apple has a propensity for breaking programatic ways of editing DnD with new OS releases, and macOS Monterey has a new “Focus” which might turn everything into disarray, so I’m waiting to first see how this works on macOS 12 and then decide about the timed disable.

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1 hour ago, vitor said:

I’ve been considering for a while to add support for timed disable


I use DND Me for this purpose. It's a relatively inexpensive solution and supports commands like: 





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37 minutes ago, Chris Messina said:



No. I'm getting OS names mixed up again like a fool. The page says it doesn't work on Monterey. There's just one specific thing that doesn't work on Big Sur.

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25 minutes ago, deanishe said:

I'm getting OS names mixed up again like a fool. The page says it doesn't work on Monterey.


Ah, makes sense. Yeah — I talked to the developer and he did mention that Apple has a tendency to switch up the DND API... and it's very likely there'll be some wonkiness w/ Monterey given its big push on focus modes.

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