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How to add "SEARCH in FINDER" option to fallback searches?

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Currently whenever I want to search for a file on my Mac I rather do not use Alfred (which I use for EVERYTHING else) but I have to open a new finder window, hit CMD + F and type my query in the little spotlight window in Finder.

I then refine the search by adding filters.


I really would like to simplify this by adding a "SEARCH in FINDER" option to fallback searches (which I love and use all the time).


How can I add this option to fallback searches?


Screen Shot 2019-05-03 at 24.03.24 .jpg

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@s95hc8 There's an even simpler way to search using Finder (Spotlight's Finder search); Go to Alfred's Advanced preferences, and have a look at the three options below the Action Modifier in the right column.


Alt + Return should be set to "Search with Spotlight" by default, but you can use any of these modifiers, so that you can simply hit Alt + Return on your query to launch Finder with the relevant search.


Screen Shot 2019-05-02 at 17.29.24.png



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Yes, I am aware of this feature but for some reason I just cannot get this into my brain 😞

It would be just soooooo easy if I could add this function as a fallback search as these don't rely on a specific shortcut but I can just use the curser, hit enter and be done.


I find myself recently actually using spotlight instead as spotlight finds those finder files directly and displays them in a neat way.


I wish I could add "find file in finder" as another fallback search.

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