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Arrows key shortcuts for folder navigation modify the Show Actions Arrow option


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I'm not sure if it's intentional, but I like to use the → key to access the File Actions when finding a file in Alfred. However, I've been surprised that this key wasn't working anymore. Actually, I've been playing around with the File Navigation function to "Use ← and → for folder navigation" and now realized that when we uncheck this feature in the File Navigation preference, it also uncheck the "Show Actions : [ ] → "  of the File Actions preference.


I understand that both feature could be related, but it's a little surprising to find out that a checkbox manipulate another one on another preference pane and especially since the "→" key is checked by default to access the File Actions.


I'm just wondering if this is wanted or not. If it is, maybe there could have a mention that unchecking the "Use ← and → for folder navigation" will also uncheck the one in the File Actions menu or maybe it would be preferable to pop a dialog to ask the user if it also wants to uncheck the arrow for the File Action as well.

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This is by design, as the right arrow can only do one action or the other. :) 


If you take a look at both the File Search > Actions preferences and the File Search > Navigation prefs, the subtext says that "By default, → shows the action panel for the selected result." and (in the Nav prefs) indicates the alternative way to navigate in and out. 



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Ok, I understand, it's just a little confusing that it changes a feature from another place in the preference. Now, I'm seeing that checking from one place or the other uncheck the other. I was thinking that the "Use ← and → for folder navigation" would only work when inside Alfred's File Navigation (while browsing the file system) and not during a standard search so that in a standard search I could use the → key to open the file action menu and during a file navigation I could use the arrow to navigate in and out of folders.


So, not so much of a problem, I was just confused a bit that after testing the file navigation feature with the arrow keys that when I unchecked the toggle to get back where it was, Alfred didn't revert to work the same way as before since it also unchecked the toggle from the Show Actions. I'll keep in mind that they are linked ;)

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@Vero but how do I action folders when using the "Use ← and → for folder navigation" for navigation? I like it a lot better, because it's quicker to use the arrow keys fist layer only for navigation, but now I don't understand how to action a folder / file anymore. It just says that the default was →, but not what the default is when using arrow keys for navigation. :(


Okay got it: It's in the Universal Actions panel > General. There are 4 options to choose from. I selected ->| / Tab symbol. Shift  + Tab is now autocomplete path. :)

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