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Comprehensive Snippet Expansion for Latex Greek Letters

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If you are a STEM student, you might have been familiar with the markup language LaTex. Typing equations in LaTex is painful and it is almost impossible to compile the latex document without getting an error once or twice.


To facilitate writing LaTex documents, I have created a comprehensive (more than 2000) snippets especially dedicated to latex greek letters.


Example usage:

Type this: \\a

This expands to:  \alpha


Type this:  \\ax

This expands to:  $\alpha$

and so on.



prefix = \\

letter = a

expands to = alpha


The snippet can be found in my GitHub: https://github.com/bhishanpdl/ALFRED/blob/master/AlfredSnippets/LatexGreek.alfredsnippets



1. Download the snippet and double click

2. UNCHECK the option Strip snippet of auto expand flag (by default it is checked, uncheck it)


Detailed usage:


Some rules:

1. I call Partial, Angle and Bold as prefix terms.

2. I call other attributes such as bar, prime, hat, etc suffix.

3. x means surround by the two dollar sign. E.g to create  $\alpha$ we need to type \\ax.

4. suffix attributes need only one extra letter at the beginning. Eg. to create \bar{\alpha}   we need to type \\ab` where b means bar.

5. prefix attributes needs two surrounding letters. E.g. to create \partial{\alpha} we need to type \\pay here prefix p means partial and we also need last letter y.



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