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Lawfred Intelligence - Searching Legal Intelligence from Alfred

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Search Legal Intelligence directly from your Alfred App.

It will display the 10 most relevant results. Clicking a result will open the Legal Intelligence link.

Make sure you're logged into Legal Intelligence before using Lawfred.


Download the workflow from GitHub  or Packal

You require a Legal Intelligence account, client-secret, and authorisation token.
It also requires an Alfred Powerpack license.


Getting a client-secret 
Go to your account settings and request a client-secret. Copy this somewhere as you'll need it for your authorisation token, and it is not displayed in your account. 


Getting an authorisation token 
You can get an authorisation token by using the following curl command. Replace [CLIENT-ID] and [CLIENT-SECRET] with your own credentials. For me, the client-id was my university email address. For more information, or if you run into difficulty, see the API documentation.


curl -k  -L -X POST -H 'Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded' -H 'X-SubSiteCode: LI' -d 'grant_type=client_credentials&client_id=[CLIENT-ID]&client_secret=[CLIENT-SECRET]' 'https://api.legalintelligence.com/token'


This should return a large string, which is your Authorisation Token. Copy this. 


Insert authorisation token in workflow
Open the imported workflow in Alfred. 
Open the Script Filter and replace @TOKEN with your Authorisation Token. 

Save and that ought to do it!


  • Fix bug that less than 10 results won't be displayed. (has to do with the use of count function)
  • Include a delay, so that api is not called for each letter that is typed
  • Find a way that login is not required in browser for it to work
  • Find a way to automatically generate authorisation token
  • Insert a link to all the search results in Legal Intelligence itself 


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41 minutes ago, aberlee said:

Open the Script Filter and replace @TOKEN with your Authorisation Token. 


Use a Workflow Environment Variable instead. That’s exactly what they’re for; so users don’t have to fiddle around with code and lose their changes when they update the Workflow.

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