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Help with workflow to create new file from clipboard

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I have set up a simple workflow to create a new file from the clipboard into the frontmost finder item, but somehow it appends "?" sign in front of the file name.


When I output LARGE TYPE,  there is no "?" sign prepended, but when I write something it is prepended.


How this can be fixed?


I have shared workflow in Github: https://github.com/bhishanpdl/Shared/blob/master/Alfred_questions/New File from Clipboard.alfredworkflow?raw=true


I am using Write Text File Aflred object with file path as {query}.

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It has to do with the output of the Run Script not being sanitised. Add a Transform Utility to Trim Whitespace between the Run Script and the Arg and Vars, and it’ll work.

But the Workflow is more complex than it needs to be. Some easy quick improvements: in the first Arg and Vars, get rid of the {query} in Argument; it’s not doing anything. Delete the second Arg and Vars and set {query}{var:FILENAME} in the Filename section of the Write Text File.

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