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Add hotkey support to jump between tabs in Alfred Preferences

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Super thrilled to download and start using Alfred 4.


One of the things I thought would be added in it is hotkey support to jump between General/Features/.. tabs with something like cmd + 1/2/3/.. hotkeys.


I currently use these macros to do this:




It works nice but I wonder why this isn't something builtin into Alfred Preferences. Only downside I can see is when you want to create a hotkey and want to use cmd + 1/2/.. but in that case Alfred can take priority and not have cmd + 1/2/3/.. switch between tabs. 

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And one more on the topic of accessibility. There is no hotkey for focusing on Filter search bar in Workflows tab.


There is a great new search bar accessed with cmd + f but filter search is still useful but is only reachable with a mouse or another hacky KM macro.



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