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Search Alfred Workflows (Alfred 4)

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17 hours ago, Acidham said:

I would say that would be an enhancement request for Alfred Preferences  @Andrew


I never discovered a WF where info.plist was malformed and I expected that Alfred will throw an error in case  info.plist is corrupt. 


So far we don't know what exactly caused the issue. Can you ( @raguay.customct) figure out which workflow caused the issue and share the WF with me for further investigation?

You can figure it out in case the enabled workflow cannot be found by alf.


It might take a while since I have around 80 workflows on my system.

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@raguay.customct Added log output when corrupted WF was found. Please install version 0.7.3 and open debugging console in Alfred. The WF path contains the corrupted WF  will be written to the log: 

[09:07:23.292] STDERR: Search Alfred Workflows[Script Filter] Corrupt Workflow found, path: /Users/acidham/Dropbox/Alfred/Alfred.alfredpreferences/workflows/user.workflow.9E01D57B-1985-48BA-96CF-BBACDD1219A3/info.plist


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