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Mikael Grevsten

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Using Alfred 4.0.1 b1078 on Mac 10.14.5


Typing in an application name is not revealing any results. This is repeatable…


Alfred 4 was migrated from Alfred 3.


All permissions are set.

/Applications are in Search scope

Fuzzy capital letters selected


Pls adice

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Hi @Mikael Grevsten Alfred relies on the macOS metadata index provided by your Mac. If this is corrupted, then the information necessary for Alfred to return apps in your results isn't there.


Alfred 3 would've had a cache of applications, which would've masked any underlying metadata issues. Alfred 4 needs to create a new cache, but it appears your metadata may be corrupted.


You can rebuild your macOS metadata index by going to Alfred's Advanced prefs and clicking the Rebuild macOS Metadata button.


More information on indexing here:




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