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Clipboard History Paste into Screen Sharing Session Pastes 'v'

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Greetings - Just installed Alfred 4, and started using the Clipboard History.  Works great on my desktop, but when I try to paste when using a Screen Sharing session from my laptop, I get the popup history window but when I pick an item from the history, what gets inserted is the letter 'v'.
To reproduce:
- Set up Alfred 4 on a computer
- Enable Clipboard History, configured with the shortcut Cmd-Shift-V
- From another computer, open a Screen Sharing session to connect to that computer.
- Open TextEdit so you can type.
- Cmd-Shift-V
- Popup appears showing clipboard history .. pick an item.
Letter 'v' gets inserted.
Using Alfred 4.01 build 1078.
 -- Steve
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@stevex Could you please let me know what Screen Sharing app you're using? And are you Screen Sharing to a Mac or a Windows machine?


To paste, Alfred uses Cmd + V, but it seems that with your current setup, the Cmd is being lost between your Mac and the Screen Sharing session. If it's a Windows machine, it would be because Windows is expecting Ctrl + V to paste instead.


[Edited: I see you're saying you're pasting to TextEdit on the shared screen, so I assume you're on Mac, but I'll leave the question above, in case I'm assuming wrong.]


Moving this to Discussion & Help as fellow users may be able to provide more insight into screen sharing once you've provided a little more details. :)



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