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Workflow to get next meeting location/url and open it

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lol, apologies. I was so excited that I just installed and played with it, glanced through the code for 30 seconds, with screaming kids in the background. RTFM.   Just played with it again w

works now perfect

I'm using the following regex for teams as well. While we're at it, I also added zoomgov: https://teams\.microsoft\.com/l/meetup-join/[a-z0-9%_\.-]+ https:\/\/([a-z0-9]+\.)?zoomgov\.com\/j\/\d+(\?

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There's not some setting you can change, no.


The workflow script just extracts some text from calendar events that matches the regular expressions it has been given. It neither knows nor cares if they're URLs.


If you add zoommtg: URLs to your meetings instead of https: ones, and add an appropriate regex to the workflow, it will extract those URLs and they’ll open directly in Zoom.


Alternatively, you could edit the branch of the workflow that opens the URL to check for "zoom.us/" in the URL and open the URL in the Zoom app, instead of your default browser, if found.

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