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How do I use a workflow? How do I make it run. As you can tell by my posts I am a 'baby' Alfred user. Thanks

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@jlb Welcome to the forum :) Have you imported any workflows, or are you starting from zero?


This is a guide that relates to Alfred 3, but aside from visual changes, the practical steps to using a workflow remain the same. It will show you where you'll find example workflows and templates for creating your own:



The built-in "Should I watch this movie?" workflow example is a good one to see how you can use Alfred to speed your actions up. Beyond that, if you let us know what kind of workflows you're interested in, we can point you in the right direction :)


Here's a link to creating a hotkey-based workflow:



And how to use the fun new "random" object to pick who's the unlucky person who has to do the dishes tonight:




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Thank you. I have enough info to start making a workflow. Although I don't know what the limits of a workflow could be

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Hi @jlb,


Welcome to the great world of Alfred! My Alfred page on my website at the bottom lists all the tutorials I've written on writing Alfred 2 and 3 workflows:  http://www.customct.com/projects/alfred/


That information is still valid and usable. I do need to write more on the version 4 changes, but tutsplus.com isn't doing tutorials like that anymore. My site gets so little traffic that it's not really relevant. But, if you like to read, it has some good information.


My best advice: find a workflow that you are interested in on the Workflow section of the forums. Then, take it apart in Alfred preferences and see how it works. The best way to learn is by experimentation, which is so fun!

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