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Issues with syncing using OneDrive?

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Hi all,

Is anybody else having issues with syncing?

This is what I am experiencing after upgrading to Alfred 4 (I am using OneDrive to sync an iMac and a MacbookPro): changes (new workflows etc) are recorded in the shared preferences file, but in order to see them on my laptop, I need to close and reopen Alfred. When I do that, all the local settings (appearance, default hotkeys etc)  reset to default.


Perhaps something went wrong with the migration and I should try that again? Although I deleted Alfred 3. 

Other than that, Alfred 4 looks awesome!



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@giovanni If you set your sync folder temporarily to be a local path (e.g. a folder on your Desktop), do preferences behave normally? 


Usually, there are two reasons why preferences may not be preserved after setting them:

  1. The preferences file isn't always-available (e.g. not available at startup) and stored locally. If Alfred doesn't see a file in the expected path, he'll create a new one, which can create a file conflict or a new set of preferences.
  2. Permissions issue on your Mac: If macOS isn't allowing Alfred to write to file in a particular path, preferences may not be saved.


As such, testing with a new sync location like your Desktop, will allow you to check your preferences are saving normally. You'll then be able to try again (ensuring you always keep a backup) with OneDrive, and work out whether there are issues with that particular location.


As far as OneDrive goes, you'd need to ensure it's available at startup, before Alfred launches, in order for the preferences to be available as soon as Alfred needs them. :) 



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A wee bit more detail about availability of OneDrive at startup

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