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is it possible to launch via alfred and send keystrokes in succession?

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Hi all


complete neewb (also on mac coming from years of linux)

was wondering if one can launch and app via alfred and send keystrokes in succession?


for example i would like to launch/focus macpass and immediately send a Command-f keystroke to focus the search bar


is that possible at all?





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This AppleScript should work (I don't have MacPass to test it with, but it works with Safari). Put it in a Run Script box with Language = /usr/bin/osascript (AS)


tell application "MacPass"

    -- Bring app to the front, starting it if necessary


    -- Wait until app windows have opened (in case app wasn't running)

    repeat until (count of windows) > 0

    end repeat

end tell

-- Simulate CMD+F

tell application "System Events" to keystroke "f" using {command down}

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thx so much! that’s amazing @deanishe


any chance (and this may be asking to much so feel free to ignore) that it actually passes the string from alfred?


so once can go ?


Aflred> type my key for the above script> followed by `gmail` and the script sends the `gmail` string inside the CMD+F box?


thx again



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wow this is amazing


sorry for the late response (life, work, you name it this past few weeks :))


but for some reason this only brings up macpass focuses the search box but dosent seem to type anything


here are my current settings









any clue why?





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