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Send text to Alfred 4 and pass it on to other app

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Hi, with Launchbar I'm used to doing the following:

Select text in [random app] send text via 'instant send' to Launchbar, hit Tab and type abbreviation of [app] to pass text to that app.

This works great with sending selection to mail, bbedit, messages etc. 

Is something like this possible?

Some people write in the forums that Alfred can only pass files to other apps. Is this true. Does anyone know of a way to achieve my workflow?


Thanks a lot, 


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Hi Jan,


there is a recent thread about it:

Short answers: yes, it is possible to some amount. You need a shortcut for text as described in the thread I mentioned which you would call with a separate shortcut (double CTRL in my case). It would place the text in Alfred and place the cursor before the text, so you can call a workflow on it. I mention a workflow, and I mean it - without it, Alfred cannot do much with with your text. Unfortunately, such functionality is really a very strong side of LaunchBar...





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