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Workflow for Wunderlist 2 ?

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found one : https://github.com/sebietter/Wunderlist-2-for-Alfred


but It will be good to be able to select list


Working with Wunderlist (until the publish an API) is kind of a pain so your options on things like this will probably be limited on what you can get out of it. I made an extension for Wunderlist in Alfred 1.x and, same as now, its just a local SQLite database. Inserting things when Wunderlist is closed won't be added to Wunderlist until the application is opened again. You have to generate IDs that match Wunderkinder's when inserting or it acts crazy. It's all kinda quirky for now. Hopefully they publish an actual API soon to make creating things for Wunderlist a lot easier

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Curious how it will work with Wunderlist Pro coming out... ? 





we will be adding AppleScript support in the next iterations of the OS X app which will make it easy to create custom workflows for Wunderlist 2 with Alfred 2.


Hold tight, soon. :)

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