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Using Alfred to upload images to social media sites

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I'm very new to Alfred, so I'm still getting the hang of what's possible with Alfred. I just launched a stock image webstore and I also upload these images to various stock websites such as Adobe Stock. Is it possible to use Alfred to do any of the following? Note: I run the latest Alfred on a brand new MacBook Pro running the latest OSX. 

  • Resize images that I dump into a particular folder on my hard drive? The dpi from 300 to 72 and the pixel dimensions to always be a width of 1000px wide. 
  • When I move an image into a specific folder it will open up Twitter and upload the image to a new tweet (or something similar)?
  • When I move an image into a specific folder it will open up Pinterest and upload the image to a new pin (or something similar)?
  • When I move an image into a specific folder it will add a prefix onto the file name (such as "READY TO UPLOAD")
  • WHEN I move an image into a specific folder it will auto add it to another specific folder. 


If any of these are possible, what's the best way of going about learning how to set something like this up? Thanks!

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1 minute ago, CheriLasota said:

When I move an image into a specific folder


Alfred is a launcher, so you can’t have it “do thing when another thing happens” on its own. You need to call the Alfred action yourself, or have another application watch those directories and call Alfred when it notices changes.

Every single one of the other actions you’ll need to do with coding, so Alfred won’t give any special help there, you still need to do the hard work of coding them. The first one is simple with the sips command, and the last two can be done with standard system tools like cp and mv.

The others are harder. They require either that you automate your browser (I don’t recommend it; those scripts break easily) or that you use those services’ public APIs, which may not provide the functionality you wish for or be pretty obtuse to setup. You may be able to find some scripts on Github to make that straightforward.

Either way, all those tasks will require a modicum of programming knowledge.

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Unfortunately, there is no such option, so you have to do everything manually. Moreover, if you need to promote your idea, there are many ways to get more followers or audience, and the easiest one is buying likes from Famoid. I've used their services and I can guarantee that there's no point in using 10 different platforms and doing everything yourself when there are people who can help you do it. When you start out, it seems like using multiple platforms looks more professional. But during that time you will realize that it is a waste of time. 

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