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Moving workflow from Mac OS to iPad OS

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Hi guys,


I've been an avid Alfred user for many years now, a feeling I'm sure most of you can relate with. But let me cut to the chase;


I use custom web searches a lot on my MacOS machine for daily research, finding images and video's etc. I'm a heavy clipboard user and often make references to my clipboard history. Currently I'm getting used to using a 12.9 Ipad Pro. I knew the pro-feeling of Alfred wasn't going to be integrated, but I'm wondering what the community thinks about this? Has anyone perhaps found any cool alternatives that make clipboard usage more detailed, or ways to integrate custom web searches into iPad's safari?


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In theory, you could use bookmarklets to do something similar to custom web searches. They could search for any selected text by default, and if nothing's selected, pop up a JavaScript input box to ask for the query.


Presumably, you could also use Shortcuts, or if you prefer coding, there's Pythonista.

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2 hours ago, deanishe said:

Presumably, you could also use Shortcuts


That would be my recommendation as well. You can do pretty powerful stuff with it. The editor can be hard to use to build complex tasks on a phone, but I’ve read it’s OK on an iPad. But if you’re doing mostly web searches, even editing on a phone should be enough.

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It does indeed seem fairly powerful, but the whole drag-and-drop way of building shortcuts/workflows/whatever has always annoyed me personally. I'd use Pythonista instead, where I can just use Python code. Or perhaps Editorial, which is more or less a combination of drag-and-drop elements and Python code.


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This makes me so sad.  I have become so addicted to Alfred on my main Mac that I cannot use it unless it isn’t installed.  It’s shortcuts and workflow have become second nature.  When I picked up the magic keyboard for my iPad.  I didn’t know how to get anywhere because I didn’t have Alfred and mistakenly bought the remote thinking it was the iPad version of Alfred.



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