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"Eject All" trying to eject system disks

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Since upgrading to Alfred 4, "Eject All" now tries (and fails) to also eject the boot disk, as well as other hidden disks, whose names I don't recall at the moment. Anyone else noticing this issue?

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8 hours ago, Andrew said:

@paulw this shouldn't be the case - can I see a screenshot of Alfred's Features > System prefs to see the settings (eject / eject all / blacklist).





Hi @Andrew,


Thanks. The blacklist was empty. I clicked "Reset" and now it's populated with:

Macintosh HD

I'll test again next time I'm connected to external drives, since "Eject All" doesn't come up with nothing attached.


I usually my boot drive. Perhaps the default blacklist could be set to match the actual name of the boot drive, rather than just the expected "Macintosh HD" name?



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Well, after restoring the blacklist, it still threw errors, showing that it could not eject my boot drive (I supposed because it is not named "Macintosh HD") and as well, that it could not eject "Preboot" and "VM" which seem to be part of my boot drive core storage volume.


However, after updating to the latest 4.0.3 pre-release, it seems to be working normally now.

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@paulw You can use wildcards in the blacklist, try adding the names of these to the blacklist. Also experiment with the scoping above this, e.g. "Local Mounted Volumes".

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Hi @Andrew

I'm having the same problem, I added the Recovery to the blacklist but it still shows another volume. It's name is Macintosh HD - Data it's directory is com.apple.TimeMachine.localsnapshots it shouldn't show up in the eject option because as @paulw have, I have the com.apple.TimeMachine* in the blacklist. I tried adding com.apple.TimeMachine.* but it still shows the Macintosh HD - Data. Any idea on how to solve this?


Best Regards,


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I'm still seeing this problem, exactly as described above with the attempt to eject the com.apple.TimeMachine.localsnapshots (aka "Macintosh HD — Data") volume.


I've got the following excluded (built up over the last couple of years, as I've seen various volumes appear randomly)

- com.apple.*

- com.apple.TimeMachine*

- com.apple.TimeMachine.localsnapshots

- Macintosh HD

- Macintosh HD — Data

- MobileBackups

- Recovery


But cannot seem to convince Alfred to ignore the Macintosh HD — Data volume.


I wonder if perhaps this is an intermittent issue too... e.g. if it's TimeMachine related, maybe the intermittent-ness noted by some relates to whether TimeMachine is actively backing up or not, or whether there's local snapshots yet to be synced to the external TM drive..? 

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