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Applescript in Alfred 4 problems

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I had a workflow in Alfred 3 that opened the color picker; it worked in Alfred 3 but not in Alfred 4. 


It was a simple keyword 'col' to an applescript with this code


on alfred_script(q)
	choose color
end alfred_script

Now, when I run it, nothing happens. I debug the script, and I get:


[13:37:26.910] Color Picker[Keyword] Processing complete

[13:37:26.913] Color Picker[Keyword] Passing output '' to Run NSAppleScript


Is there some additional setting I need to use? 

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Unless you know what you’re doing and that you need to use Run NSAppleScript, don’t. Use a Run Script with /usr/bin/osascript instead (the Run NSAppleScript points that out).


You’ll only need choose color as the full code. Does that work? If not, please post the full Workflow (i.e. upload it somewhere), so we can take a look. Also, what macOS and Alfred versions are you on?

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