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PLEASE VOTE: Your favourite workflows

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Others have mentioned it already, but my ssh workflow is what I've wanted from Alfred since I first lumped for a Mega Supporter license in his infancy over two years ago. As soon as I found the new Script Filter object, I knew what I had to do. Having not yet found this forum, I started by reverse engineering David's PHP-based built-in Google Suggest workflow to figure out what my Python script had to output to get a result. D'oh  :ph34r:


My pipe workflow isn't getting much love, probably because I haven't sold it very well, but I'm also using that *alot* to filter and transform text.


Others I currently find myself using regularly:

 - Colors by Tyler Eich

 - Create OmniFocus Tasks by Aaron B. Hockley (great for adding a todo for an item in Gmail)

 - Movies by Simon Støvring (inspiringly awesome)

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Lots of good ones out there but a couple I think deserve mention are CarlosNZ's "EggTimer" and "New Text File with Tag"



New Text File with Tag - somewhere around here I'll find it later...


EggTimer came out probably 2 weeks before Alfred 2 beta was open to supporters. For just creating a very intricate v1 extension he took on v2's workflows creating an amazing workflow that takes advantage of all of Alfred 2's new features. Great way to show how much more you can do with Alfred 2 and how much easier/cleaner it is. EggTimer for v1 was pretty nice for v1 but v2's workflow is ridiculous.

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