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Workflow request: Contact filter + AppleScript action

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Hi there,


This workflow request follows some discussion with Vero here. My wish would be that the contact filter from Andrew passes through the workflow an argument which I can use in AppleScript. It currently passes the full path of the contact file, from which I can easily get the id of the person, but I can't get my script to get infos from this ID.


Thanks to this ID (or anything else), I'd like to get for instance the birth date of the selected contact (as it is not displayed in the Contact Viewer  ;) ). This last part of the script is not a problem to me. The problem is the connection between the selected contact and the AppleScript.


I hope I'm making it clear enough  :huh:


Thanks for your help!

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Hi there,


I am more or less looking for the same think. The only difference is that i want to hit a keyword, search for a contact and after send the phone number or email to omnifocus as a new task and send the email or phone number as a attachment.



Best regards,
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