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How to open record in 1Password (not open website and login)

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I want to use Alfred to search 1Password, then open the 1Password record in the 1Password app - rather than the current default action of opening the URL and filling the credentials in 1Password.


Any ideas how I'd accomplish this?

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@cooper this isn't currently possible from Alfred. I've done a bit of investigation and it looks like this is now possible with the 1Password URL scheme, so I've added a note to look at adding this into Alfred :) 

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You can create a custom Web Search in Alfred Preferences with


as the Search URL (http://bit.ly/2XK09ON).


If your search string is unique enough, it'll open 1Password.app with the highlighted record. This works well, but even better would be a workflow that populates a filtered dropdown list of matching items. I'm not sure if this is available (if not, perhaps one can be hacked together using https://support.1password.com/command-line/ or another API?).

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