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"Todo" - a todo list workflow, with Remember The Milk (beta) support

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Todo now incorporates beta support for Remember the Milk. What this means is that while you can now use Todo and Remember the Milk together, Todo will not be a full fledged replacement for Remember the Milk - Todo does not support features like recurring tasks, multiple tags, moving items between lists etc. which are available on RTM.


That being said, if you wish to use Todo primarily and use RTM as the service to save your lists, this should work out.


To enable this feature:

  • Type in features and select the Remember The Milk (beta) option
  • Go to your list view with the keyword list, and you will have an option called [Authorize Todo], which you should select.
  • This will open up RTM in a browser and prompt you to provide access. Once you provide access, go back to list view.
  • Now you will see an option [Load Lists] which you can select, and Todo will populate your RTM lists

If all went well, your list view should look something like:




From there, you can select any list, and proceed to work with Todo as normal. Underlying changes will be synced with RTM automatically. You can select [Refresh Lists] to fullt refresh all synced data.


Note: some things are pending and will be available in due course - deleting RTM lists, creating a new RTM list, etc.


Update via Alleyoop or download from here.

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I just made an account to thank you for your efforts! I'm trying it out with using RTM as a sync service for the tasks and to view them on gmail. Lovely workflow, keep it up!

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Thanks for the RTM support - I have been looking for a mac application for ages that supported RTM.

Is it possible for you to add support for smart lists? Eg all tasks, etc.


Thanks for the great work!

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I have registered just to say "thank you" for RTM support.

While I hate both RTM webapp and iphone app, using Alfred + MilkSync (or whatever they call it) and QuickAdd iphone app, I think I have finally found my perfect todo workflow that I've been looking for.


So again - big thumbs up and thank you! 

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Could you explain how it's possible to add tasks to RTM?  I turned on the feature and authenticated, but when I add a task, it just adds it to the native lists, not to RTM.



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