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Use Shortcat? This workflow is for you.

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Simple workflow as part of a collection I'm starting. From the README:


Shortcat Alfred Launcher 0.01

This simple workflow launches Shortcat (with the "ui" keyword) and runs it with the Alfred query. It's a simple bridge between Shortcat and Alfred. Since SC is not scriptable (Yet!) this is merely a keypress simulation.


WARNING: This workflow assumes you are using {CMD-SHIFT-SPACE} (the default) as your Shortcat trigger. If not, you may have to modify the AppleScript included in the workflow for your needs.


Grab it from the repository here: https://github.com/webkenny/alfred



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I think it's the only workflow for it that I know of. I hasten to say its the best because that would be biased. Heh. You can contribute to it here if need be - https://github.com/webkenny/alfred. It probably needs a refresh but I don't think Shortcat yet is scriptable. So this is kind of a workaround type deal.


Edit: Sorry for stupidly long delay. :)

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