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Actionable entries from script filter results


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In the same way you can tab etc. from a file filter and select an action it would be great if we could action script filter results. A script filter returning urls could open them, copy to clipboard, insert as an <a> etc. I've also got an idea for a Alfred based text adventure which this kind of functionality would enable.


As I see it the script filter developer would need to specify which actions would be available for each item in the returned object as they will not necessarily be files, urls etc, but could be of any type.


Just a thought...



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This would be an awesome idea but I wouldn't count on that getting done anytime soon as this would eventually require you making your own actions for each script filter. The reason I say this is, yes, you can action things in Alfred now, but they are a known set of possible result types. With script filters having the ability to create any kind of result you want, there is no telling what kind of data would be coming from the script filter, back into the actions

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Exactly my point. However it could be relatively doable...


I envisage a system in which each chain in a workflow has it's own uid (it would seem after looking at workflow .plists that currently only each node has  a uid). Ideally this uid would be user-definable in the same way as the Bundle Id. In the xml output from the Script Filter another property of each item could be 'actions' which would be an array of these uids. When actioned the args from the xml would be passed to the action workflow instead of down the chain of the 'parent' Script Filter workflow.


I hope this makes sense.


I'd love to hear Andrew's thoughts.

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