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Catalina and Alfred 4 some apps


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I've already tried multiple things to get it (described later down) to work After restoring my computer on Catalina to Catalina of other beta issues


Here's the issue I'm having: 

Some apps do not show within Alfred. 

It shows most of the default apps like settings, Mac App Store, messages etc and all user installed apps, 


The apps in question are 1password and terminal: details below.


Here is my search scope:




and when I search for particular applications (like 1password)

I see 2 directory results, both of which exist in Alfred.alfredpreferences

But the app itself doesn't show. 


but searching for terminal brings up a folder, that yet again only exists within the Alfred.alfredpreferences


Just in case, my Alfred.alfredpreferences file exists on the system as  ~/SYNC/Alfred.alfredpreferences



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I would like to add that I have the same issue. Apps are showing up in Spotlight but not in Alfred.

I already refreshed the indexing, but it did not work.


It looks like that I have to open a application first, and after I close the application, I can find it in Alfred.





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I’m seeing the same behavior.  Most of the time if I open an app manually or through Spotlight it’ll then show up in Alfred.  It doesn’t appear to work for everything though.


[Edit] Looks like the main thread for this is here:


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I've noticed that alfred seems unable to locate applications that are symlinked into the application folder, in this case emacs installed through homebrew (not cask). Issue persists after reindex and spotlight is able to locate the symlinked applications

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