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Latest clipboard image to Imgur uploader

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Download here


This is for when you already have an image you just copied in your clipboard already, and you want to upload it to Imgur and get a link.

Activate via `imgur` Alfred keyword

No other arguments required

This workflow uploads the most recent clipboard item to imgur and pastes the uploaded image URL into your clipboard. It also opens a browser tab with the uploaded image automatically.

Note that if your most recent clipboard item is not an image, then you will be shown an error and nothing will be uploaded.




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3 hours ago, Abd Ur Rehman said:

It doesn't work that way, however I just tested it and it does copy and paste but not the original image. See my test here. You have to copy the image to your clipboard, like using a porgram, e.g. screenshot on macOS and then copy with cmd + c and then paste with the workflow.

Hi. I'm trying to make sense of what you're saying. So you take a screenshot, then copy with cmd+c... what do you mean copy? Copy the file? Open the file in preview, select the image and copy? I don't understand.

The test image you sent is a png logo. Is that what you took a screenshot of?

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To do that, take a screenshot of mac using the cmd + 3 or cmd + 4 and then you'll have the screenshot window of mac and then press the cmd + c, this will copy that to the clipboard, then try to upload to the workflow. 


3 minutes ago, noisyneil said:

The test image you sent is a png logo. Is that what you took a screenshot of?

Nope, that was an image and using the cmd+c from the desktop doesn't copy the image to the clipboard as an image but the file and that's why it's logo was uploaded there.

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I think you mean cmd+shift+3/4 for screenshots.


Cmd+shift+3 takes a screenshot as a png and saves it to the desktop. Cmd+shift+4 takes a screenshot and copies it to the clipboard. Neither of these opens a "screenshot window". 

Cmd+C from the desktop doesn't do anything and I just get "Did not upload anything. The last clipboard item is not an image" when running the Alfred workflow.



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This probably works with images in your clipboard. For example, if you add control to your screenshot-taking shortcut, the image contents themselves will be in the clipboard.

This Workflow seems to no longer be under active development and the author hasn’t visited the forum in a while. If you want to give a try with WebScreenshot (disclaimer: I’m the author), it will allow you to upload your image anyway you want:

  • Directly after taking a screenshot.
  • From image contents in your clipboard.
  • From image on your computer.

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nice to know i'm not going mad. :-)


...although I did get my shortcuts muddled up. they're in my muscle memory but not in my brain, apparently!


cmd+shift+3 = whole screen screenshot, saved to desktop
cmd+shift+4 = drag cursor to define screenshot area, saved to desktop

cmd+shift+ctrl+3 = whole screen screenshot, saved to clipboard
cmd+shift+ctrl+4 = drag cursor to define screenshot area, saved to clipboard


None of these work opens a 'screenshot window' and none of them work for me with the workflow. 

I just tried Webscreenshot and, bizarrely, it takes a screenshot of the desktop wallpaper, despite other screens being in front of it. Very strange, but feels like it's very close to working! 


EDIT: i had to give Alfred permission to record my screen and now it works! phenomenal! thankyou @vitor!!

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Hi @himat


Thank you for this workflow. I've been trying to make it work, but I still have the issue @noisyneil encountered initially.

I've given all the privacy permissions to the packages and screen rcording permission to Alfred.


Currently, I have this (file icon) while I was expecting  this (real image).


The only workaround I've found so far is to open the file (in Preview), select all and copy it before firing up the workflow. It seems a bit counter-productive to have to do all this.


Any idea how it could be improved?


Thanks in advance.

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