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Alfred crashes and shuts down in every few days

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Date:  July 10, 2019

Alfred version:  4.0.2

MacOS: 10.10.5 (Yosemite)


I just wanted to report the bug that Alfred4 keeps shutting down on itself when I am trying to invoke some snippet expansions or use some workflow on MacOS Yosemite.

I am using Alfred in Yosemite in office computer and use it everyday.


In every few days  ( one or two days in week) Alfred keeps shutting down without doing anything and it also takes long time to start on.

I have lots of workflows (about 200) and many snippets (~MB) and application size may be the issue but I am experiencing this problem more often in Yosemite than in Mojave (my laptop). I use office computer much more than my laptop that may be the reason but Alfred also crashes in Mojave ones in few days.


I am not sure if there are any log files if the app Alfred crashes automatically and if there are any I would be happy to report it.


Hope upcoming updates/versions will be more robust to workflow sizes and stop crashing on its own.

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@Bhishan It's extremely unusual for Alfred to shut down like this, so I'll need quite a bit more info to work out what could be happening on your Macs.


1. Could you provide any crash logs shown in Console.app (User Reports from the left hand list).

2. Is there any pattern to what you're doing, for example, a specific workflow you use in the run up to this issue.

3. Do you have any unusual configuration on both your Macs (apps which may change lower level Mac configuration such as "auto cleaner" apps).




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Thanks for instructing me how to report the crashes:


1. I am  very unfamiliar with Mac OS app development. Currently I am using Alfred in my Laptop (Mojave). Alfred has crashed few times 

   in last few weeks (may be once or twice but not much). I looked at Console.app but I am not sure how to find the App specific log files.

  There are folders like a. ~/Library/Logs  b. /Library/Logs and c. /var/log.

  I looked inside them and did not find any folder named Alfred, so I am not sure how to find the related log file of Alfred.


2. The alfred crashes in my office computer (Yosemite) when I run Markdown TOC (http://www.packal.org/workflow/markdown-toc) on  large github markdown file

    (not much large, just about 50 headers). But the workflow runs good in Mojave. I have experienced Alfred crashing multiple time crashing in Yosemite when using that workflow.


Also, I had lots of snippets 2000 (latex snippets) + 2000 (other snippets) = 4k snippets. And when using text expansion, I have seen Alfred crashing in Yosemite.

So, I moved all snippets from Alfred to aText. Now When I click Features/Snippets in Alfred it opens much quickly in both Yosemite and Mojave. Previously it would take me about a minute to open just the window. I also cleaned not used Alfred Workflows and backed them for future use if ever wanted. Now Alfred opens fast

and I have not seen crashes yet. (Its been two days).



3. Talking about cleaning app, I use Google chrome extension Click&Clean so many times whenever there are caches or browser histories accumulated.

To clean the Mac, I use Dr. Cleaner everyday. But I use Dr. cleaner only in my laptop, its not been installed in office computer where the Alfred crashes much often.




Now, after crashing Alfred, I have moved all snippets out of Alfred and use another text expansion software aText. and also cleaned currently not used Workflows.

I have not see any crashes. If I see any crashes I will post Console.app log files.

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