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QuitArena — Quit all apps, with exceptions

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Call qapps and all apps excluding the ones you set in the keep_alive Workflow Environment Variable will quit. The Finder and Alfred (including Alfred Preferences) are added to the exclusion list by default, unless you set their kill_ variables to true.


You can exclude extra apps on a per-run basis by adding them as arguments. Calling with ⌘↵ will also exclude the frontmost app.

Use the exact application names as they present themselves to the system. To prevent multiple apps from quitting, separate their names with commas.


qprocesses will kill all processes, subject to the same keep_alive and kill_ settings, meaning even things in the background that you don’t see will be asked to quit.

The External Triggers allow to temporarily override which apps to keep alive by passing them as the argument.

Note both options ask the apps to exit (SIGTERM) instead of telling them (SIGKILL). If you need to force individual processes to terminate, use ProcessControl instead.

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3 hours ago, mgs1000 said:

Actually  - even more of a dummy - since the update it doesn't seem to quit the apps anymore. Is there an input needed from me?


I’m confused. First it seemed like you’d never used the Workflow and now you’re saying it’s not working anymore, implying you had it working previously.


Which is it? I’ll need to know your steps so I can help you debug.

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You can now add apps to the keep_alive list on a per-run basis, by adding them as arguments on the Keyword. Also, ⌘↵ is a shortcut to add the frontmost app.

To update, download the latest version (same URL) or wait a few days and it’ll prompt you to on next usage, since it uses OneUpdater.

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