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This one is incredible, thank you so much!  I had been using the 'Little Ipsum' menubar app for years, but this extension finally killed it. My slightly smaller menubar thanks you! :)

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Very nice! Love the integer input for paragraphs. Agree with ekassel, a randomizer would add some value. maybe "Li 3 r" for three paragraphs randomized. Or something along those lines to allow random when desired.

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I wanted to update this script to use Ruby instead of PHP. The PHP has been super slow for me. In the process, I added in the ability to randomize the generated Lorem Ipsum lines using the "r" or "random" final argument.

li 2           # copy 2 lines
li 2 random    # copy 2 lines random
li 500 r       # copy 500 lines random

Find it here: http://www.mediafire.com/download/oabuatvycwhwxdp/Lorem_Ipsum.alfredworkflow

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