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Problem with snippets in Zsh

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I recently changed my shell from bash to zsh. I have lots of snippets for terminal use that ends with a line break. With bash that snippets works fine, I meant, paste the command and execute it (as ends with a line break).


The point is that in zsh, doesn't work as I expected. The snippets paste the code and add a line break, but without executing the command. Is there any way of fixing this?



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@jaherran I'm guessing that this may be zsh interpreting the line break differently, similar to using return vs. alt+return. In Terminal/bash, this doesn't make any difference, you may be able to configure zsh to do the same?

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Posted (edited)
20 hours ago, Andrew said:

I'm guessing that this may be zsh interpreting the line break differently


It's a paste thing. ZSH is smart enough to recognise when you paste something into the shell and inserts it literally instead of interpreting it as keystrokes (allowing you to insert tabs or newlines into input easily).


@jaherran You need to put unset zle_bracketed_paste in your ~/.zshrc file, and then ZSH will treat newlines in your snippets as if you were pressing ↩.

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